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Digital Aerials

A digital aerial we installed

Original analogue TV transmissions are due to be phased out by the year 2012. Now is the time to think about upgrading your television system to Digital reception and make sure you are ready for the big switch over.

The installation of a digital compatible TV Aerial combined with a Digital Television and a choice of Freeview, BT Vision or Virgin Media set top box will provide you with access to up to 72 great digital TV channels and interactive services with no monthly costs.

What are the Benefits of going digital?

  • More TV channels to choose from.
  • Enhanced Interactive features.
  • Extra services for people with audio or visual impairments.
  • Optional additional services and premium channels, broadband and telephony.

We are fully licenced Digital InstallerAs a licensed digital installer we are fully qualified by successfully completing a NVQ and proven that we have satisfied the scheme criteria set out by the Registered Digital Installers Licensing Body (RDI-LB). We have worked hard to achieve this to ensure our customers have peace of mind. We are happy to show our licence ID prior to carrying out any work and we would suggest that you always ask before anyone carries out any digital installation work.

You might qualify for financial helfully completing a NVQ and proving that we meet the . Download this pdf icon pdf for more details or visit